Modify columns in Recent Obejcts View in Salesforce

Recent Obejcts view (Account, Contact, Case, Custom Objects, etc) is one of the Standard View for each objects and default sorted based on the most viewed by all Salesforce users.

We can sort the view for following ways:
1) Recently Created
2) Recently Modified
3) Recently Viewed

How to modify the Recent Object columns when user click on each Object Tabs (Both Standard Object & Custom Objects)

Standard Objects:-

  • Go to Setup – Customize – Contact – Search Layouts
  • Click Edit link on Contact Tab
  • Select fields to show for Recent Tab

Custom objects:- (Employee is the Custom Object)
Same way like Standard Objects, but you need to go with following path:

  • Go to Setup – Create – Objects (Click the Custom Object name Called “Employee”)
  • Scroll down to Search Layouts
  • Check the Layout Name Called like “Custom Object Name Tab” Ex: Employee Tab
  • Select fields to show for Recent Tab

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