Salesforce Certification Exam Centers in Ireland and Italy

Center Name Address City State Country Google Map Dublin (For Internal Use Only) The Atrium, Level 1, Block A Dublin N/A Ireland Map
New Horizons Ireland_Dublin 22-24 Strand Street Great Dublin N/A Ireland Map
Specter LTD. Levinsky 108h, Office 5843 Tel Aviv N/A Israel Map
TECHNET_Bologna Via de Sant’Isaia 77 Bologna N/A Italy Map
TECHNET srl_Carini C/O Demetrix Piazza Stazione #60 Carini-Palermo N/A Italy Map
TECHNET srl_Milan Via Socrate 26 Milan N/A Italy Map
TECHNET srl_Moncalieri C/O ITIS Pininfarnia,Via Ponchielli 16 Moncalieri Moncalieri-Torino N/A Italy Map
High Learning s.r.l. Piazza Giovanni Bovio, 22 (scala B – prima piano) Napoli N/A Italy Map
TECHNET_Padova Via delle Palme 3 Padova N/A Italy Map
TECHNET srl_Rome Via Sansotta 97 Rome N/A Italy Map
Kosmous srl Via Giuseppe Scarabelli, 6 Rome N/A Italy Map

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