Splitting String Example in Salesforce Apex Class:

Returns a list that contains each substring of the String that is terminated by the regular expression regExp, or the end of the String

In the following example, a string is split, using a dot as a delimiter:

string s = ‘first.second’;
string[] part;
part = s.split(‘\\.’);

Note: if you are spliting the string using special character like (.,*,etc) then use a backslash before the special character.

In the following example, a string is split, using a * character as a delimiter:

string sString = ‘theblogreaders*salesforce’;
string[] splitted = sString.split(‘\\*’);
system.debug(‘part1:: = ‘ + splitted[0]);   //Output: theblogreaders
system.debug(‘part1:: = ‘ + splitted[1]);   //Output: salesforce

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