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Salesforce Release Exam Question and Answer

1.       What is mobile lite?
2.       Learn about standard and custom field mapping in lead conversion process.
3.       When does a validation rule will fire while using outlook.
4.       Which objects have 1 to many relation with account
5.       Questions related to case assignment rule and escalation rule
6.       How multi-lingual solution search can be enabled
7.       Which all objects you can create criteria based sharing rule
8.       What is the use of opportunity team
9.       What is dynamic dashboard
10.   Know about time based workflow. What would happen when a record is edited so it no longer meets the criteria
11.   Exchange rates are based on which currency
12.   What is cloud scheduler
13.   Who is a community expert and his privileges. Can both answer and idea community have experts
14.   What all properties can be edited for a standard field
15.   Workspace privileges
16.   Knowledge articles
17.   What is an appExchange product
18.   What all permissions can be set for document folder
19.   Which charts can display 2 levels of grouping
20.   What is use of process visualizer
21.   What steps has to be performed by admin when user account is locked out
22.   Dashboard refresh
23.   Product and pricebook limitations. How it function  in multiple currency
24.   Mass transfer of records
25.   What all records will be visible to user running a report
26.   How to make fields mandatory
27.   Scenario based questions. Know when to use record type, validation rule,  work flow, approval process
28.   Scenario based  questions on sharing settings and manual sharing
29.   Know options available under customize report. Select which all statements are true
30.   Auto response rule for case and leads
31.   How many custom summary formula fields can be created in report. Can custom summary formula reference a formula field?
32.   Import wizard vs data loader
33.   Global settings and locale settings

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