axisTechnology Question Paper

1.What is the max. decimal number that can be accomodated in a byte.
a)    128
b)    256
c)    255
d)    512

2. Conditional results after execution of an instruction in a micro processor is stored in
a)     register
b)     accumulator
c)     flag register
d)     flag register part of PSW(Program Status Word)

3. Frequency at which VOICE is sampled is                      
 a)     4 Khz
b)     8 Khz
c)     16 Khz
d)     64 Khz

4. Line of Sight is
a)    Straight Line
b)    Parabolic
 c)    Tx & Rx should be visible to each other
d)    none

5. Purpose of PC(Program Counter) in a MicroProcessor is
a)    To store address of TOS(Top Of Stack)
 b)    To store address of next instruction to be executed.
c)    count the number of instructions.
d)    to store base address of the stack.

6. What action is taken when the processor under execution is interrupted by a non-maskable interrupt?
a)   Processor serves the interrupt request after completing the execution of the current
b)   Processor serves the interupt request after completing the current task.
c)   Processor serves the interupt request immediately.
d)   Processor serving the interrupt request depends upon the priority of the current task under  execution.

7. The status of the Kernel is                 
a)   task
b)   process
c)   not defined.
d)   none of the above.

8. What is the nominal voltage required in subscriber loop connected to local exchange?
a)   +48 volts
b)   -48 volts
c)    230 volts
d)    110 volts

9. To send a data packet using datagram , connection will be established
a)    before data transmission.
b)    connection is not established before data transmission.
  c)    no connection is required.
d)    none of the above.

10. Word allignment is
a)   alligning the address to the next word boundary of the machine.             
b)   alligning to even boundary.
c)   alligning to word boundary.
d)   none of the above.

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