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List of Standard Object key Prefixes in Salesforce is given below:

Object prefix (Key prefix) Object Type
001 Account
00r Account Share
04m Additional Directory Number
01p Apex Class
07L Apex Debug Log
707 Apex job
01q Apex Trigger
806 Approval
04i Approval Request
ka0,KA0 Article
02i Asset
00P Attachment
01m Business Hours
019 Business process
04v Call Center
701 Campaign
00v Campaign Member
01Y Campaign Member Status
08s Campaign Share
500 Case
00a Case Comment
01n Case Share
010 Case Solution
02o Category Data
02n Category Node
0F9 Chatter Group
0FB Chatter Group Member
09a Community
003 Contact
00K,02Z,03j,02a Contact Role
03s Contact Share
068,069 Content
800 Contract
00b Custom Button or Link
01N Custom S-Control
015 Document
05X Document Entity Map
091 Email Service
093 Email Services Address
018 Email Status
00X Email Template
0E8 Entity Subscription
00U Event
020 Event Attendee
0D7 Feed Comment
0F7 Feed Post
0D6 Feed Tracked Change
022 Fiscal Year Settings
00l Folder
608 Forecast Share
00G Group
011 Group Member
0C0 Holiday
087 Idea
00a Idea Comment
kA# Knowledge Article
ka# Knowledge Article Version
00Q Lead
01o Lead Share
016 Letter Head
01H Mail merge Template
0D5 News Feed
002 Note
006 Opportunity
008 Opportunity History
00k Opportunity Product
00t Opportunity Share
00J Opportunity Competitor
00D Organization
0D2 Org Wide Email Address
00l Partner
026 Period
01s Price book2
01u Price book Entry
04g Process Instance
04h Process Instance Step
01t Product
00e Profile
03g Queue Sobject
012 Record Type
00E User Role
08e Scheduled Job
0DM Site
501 Solution
081 Static Resource
00T Task
005 User
100 User License
03u User Preference
0D5 User Profile Feed
099 Visual force component
066 Visual force Page
083 Vote

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