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Mod rewrite PHP to HTML using htaccess

how you can rewrite all your PHP pages to HTML using a simple .htaccess rule for better search engine indexing. This is a basic category.php to category.html htaccess script.
In this tutorial we are providing a script that can only work if you are hosted on a Linux server.

There is a myth saying that search engines will better index your site if your pages are displayed like static HTML.

The language your site is coded in is irrelevant and also a security vulnerability, if people know what language your site is coded in, they’ll more easily be able to exploit any code vulnerabilities.

Personally I don’t believe it actually makes a difference for search engines if your pages are either PHP or HTML but in the long run it can increase your sites security.

Say for example you have a website and a menu witch is dynamically built using PHP, you could only use it on PHP pages.

You have menu.php and all the pages of your site: index.php, product.php, services.php, category.php

Using the following script you will be able to access the contents of all your pages using a HTML extension.

The .htaccess file starts here

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^(.*)\.html$ $1.php [L]

One would also have to change all the links trough out the website from the PHP extension to HTML.

Visitors can now access the contents of products.php using products.html

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