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Where to monitor Salesforce Process Builder scheduled actions

As per Salesforce Timebased Workflows from Setup -> Monitoring -> Time-Based Workflow. But How do you do the same with Process Builder for the scheduled actions (Timebased actions in Process Builder)

How to Monitor the Workflow Time Based Actions in Salesforce?

Yes, its easy and already everyone aware and this can be monitor from Setup -> Monitoring -> Time-Based Workflow

How to Monitor the Time Based Actions or Scheduled Actions in Salesforce Process Builder?

Goto Setup -> Flows -> Paused and Waiting Interviews 

Note: here you can see the created time and not available about for the “Scheduled Date” as like workflow Time based actions

Upvote this idea for the better UI and better information as like workflow: https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000DkGHAA0

How to Delete the Process Builder Scheduled Actions?

Goto Setup-> Flows ->  Paused and Waiting Interviews  -> Abort the Records

Other approach using SOQL to delete the Process builder scheduled Actions and below are the examples:

FlowInterview – Objects stored for the scheduled actions

FlowInterview deleteFlowAction = [SELECT Id, Name, InterviewLabel FROM FlowInterview WHERE InterviewLabel = ‘Task_Send_Remainder_Email-1_InterviewLabel’];

delete deleteFlowAction;

Reference: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=process_monitor_instance.htm&type=5

Enhanced Flows List View as Part of Winter 20 Release

Missing Paused and Waiting Interviews Section under Flows? https://theblogreaders.com/enhanced-flows-list-view-part-winter-20-release/

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