Home Salesforce administrator 201 Question and Answer – Part I

Salesforce administrator 201 Question and Answer – Part I

Q.1) What is Sales Force? (Check all that apply)
A. Sales Force Automation (true)
B. Marketing Automation (true)
C. Customer Support Management (true)
D. Campaign Management

Q.2) Partners Portal: User log-in to web portal rather than through salesforce.com portal?
A. True (correct answer)
B. False

Q.3) Calendar and Task activities are both tasks and scheduled calendar events?
A. True (correct answer)
B. False

Q.4) Inline editing updates the field when
A. The field is saved/updated
B. When the record is saved/updated (correct answer)
C. When the return key is pressed
D. None of the above

Q.5) List view can (Choose all that apply)
A. Show up to 2000 records in the record count display (true)
B. Print up to 1000 records in print view (true)
C. Be enabled and disabled by individual users
D. Print list can be exported to excel

Q.6) A company that uses custom fiscal year: A standard forecast option is unavailable. Administrator will have to build a custom forecast for the same
A. True (correct answer)
B. False

Q.7) Which are the following components of a profile (Check all that apply)
A. Page Layout (true)
B. Field Level Security (true)
C. Record Type (true)
D. Roles

Q.8) Which of the following is true that can cause data loss when an existing custom field is changed? (Check all that apply)
A. Changing to or from type Date or Date/Time (true)
B. Changing to Number from any other type (true)
C. Changing to number from Percent
D. Changing to one Currency from any other currency type

Q.9) What is the number of values allowed in dependent picklist?
A. 10
B. 100
C. 300 (correct answer)
D. 500

Q.10) A custom multi-select picklist can be a controlling field for a dependent field?
A. True
B. False (correct answer)

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