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Salesforce Applications:
1. To access Force.com platform visit the
URL https://login.salesforce.com and click on the Setup link in the top nav
2. To access apps, select Create|Apps menu in the left navbar.
3. To create a new Application, a developer needs to specify App Label, App
name, description, custom app logo and a list of tabs. App Label is
displayed to users, and App name is the internal name referred in code.
4. An application is a set of tabs.
5. Tabs are of two types – Tabs corresponding to objects and tabs to display
external web pages.
6. Tabs are used to organize objects and records. Each tab is associated with a
unique object. A tab also lets you specify a color and an image.
7. One of the tabs in the application is a default landing page.
8. Saved applications appear in the Apps menu on the top left navbar
9. Salesforce provides a Force.com IDE. This is an eclipse plugin application
that peovides a development environment for VisualForce and Apex.
10. In Salesforce code without desired test coverage cannot be deployed. A
minimum of 75% test coverage must be achieved before deployment.
11. Native User Interface refers to the default user interface that Salesforce

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