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Salesforce Code Builder Available as Beta Now – VSCODE IDE

Salesforce Code Builder Available as Beta Now - VSCODE IDE

by Sakthivel Madesh

Salesforce Code Builder Available as Beta Now – VSCODE IDE

Code Builder, powered by AWS, enables you to launch a full-featured IDE in your browser from your Salesforce org with the push of a button. That’s right — nothing to install or configure on your device means no more spending hours installing developer tools!


  • You can build from anywhere.
  • No development tools to be downloaded on system.
  • Its on cloud.

Salesforce Developers for the very first time will get an opportunity to work with CodeBuilder (In Open Beta), No need to install the any software’s, now you can build code from the web browser and in the cloud.

Watch amazing demo video from Mohith Shrivastavahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJw-6wslhoE

How to Setup Salesforce Code Builder?

  • Login to Salesforce Account
  • Install the Code Builder (Beta) AppExchange from here – https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N3u00000Qsdi5EAB
  • Add the CodeBuilder PermissionSet to the User to access the Code Builder (Beta) App and Code Builder Dashboard
  • Click Get Started button from Code Builder Dashboard tab.
  • Create New Code Builder Environment – Create as New Project or Import from your Github
  • Connect your Org (Development org/Sandbox Org), then its prompt to ask your credentials and followed by to allow the access
  • once connected your org connection then you have the option to Launch button to open the Salesforce Code Builder

Develop your Salesforce Application from a browser using Code Builder. Take a Quick Look Trailhead module about Code Builder – Code Builder: Quick Look

Limitation & Consideration: 

  • Its a Beta Version
  • Installed managed package version and its for a 1 month trail period.
  • Duration to use 20 hours (but still you can recreate with different account if you like to explore bit more and share the feedback to Salesforce Product Team)
  • There is no option to add the additional addons / extension

Reference links:

Share your feedback to Salesforce Developer team to fix the issue and improve in better way – https://github.com/forcedotcom/try-code-builder-feedback/issues

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