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Salesforce.com and its Competitors

Every company wants to have a part of SAAS Pie. Salesforce.com is a clear leader at this point of time but faces stiff competition from some of the prominent well established or very Niche Players.

Some of the key one’s are:

Microsoft Dynamics:- A company which charges 25% of what SFDC charges per license and even do not charge for initial 6 months. I am sure they are giving Sleepless nights to Salesforce.com.

Sugar CRM:- This is a CRM which is available Free of cost and that’s the only thing which goes against It.

Siebal On Demand / Oracle on Demand, Sage Software, Right Now Technologies

Net Weaver and Business By Design are always seen as the next big thing. Net Weaver has started to prove the point where as people have still big expectations from SAP BByD.

And Be aware about the GOOGLE, They have started looking at the application business very seriously and that’s not a good sign for Salesforce.com

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