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Salesforce Interview Question and Answers

1) How is Role Different from the Profile?

Roles and Profiles are two different concepts in Salesforce.com, Some of the basic differences are:

  • Profile helps to put restrictions on the Object where as the Role helps in opening the records to the users above the Role hierarchy
  • Profile manages the Salesforce.com License, Tabs Settings, Record types, Page layouts, General Settings, Administrator Settings etc; Role hierarchy does not do any of these things
  • Profile is Mandatory, Role is not

2) What are the Different Ways in which leads can be created in salesforce.com?

Walk In to a company: User comes to the company office and then Salesforce.com rep manually creates the Lead
Data Base bought by the company and then leads loaded via Data Loader/Import Wizard in salesforce.com
Email to Lead & SMS to Lead can be custom build for the Organization
Leads created because of the Campaigns, Seminars, and Tradeshows
Web to Lead:Users registering on the website of the company.

3) What are the different ways of making a field mandatory?

Three ways of making the field mandatory are:
Page Layout: Field can be made mandatory from the page layout when it needs to be made mandatory for a set of users
Field Level Security: Field can be made mandatory from the FLS when it needs to be made mandatory for all the users in the Organization and even from the API’s
Validation Rule: Field can be made mandatory from the Validation Rule when it needs to be made mandatory for user who is using the same Page layout used by other users
Note: Salesforce.com recommends using the Page Layput option for making the field mandatory.

4) Can a Contact be part of Partner Portal as well as Customer Portal in salesforce.com?

Yes, a contact can be part of a Partner Portal as well as Customer portal in salesforce.com.
Customer Portal and Partner portal depend on the user object and are not related to the contact object. So to enable both portals for a Contact we need to create two users which will utilize two different salesforce.com licenses, one license for Customer portal and other for Partner portal.
Both users created for a same contact will have two different profiles, One for Customer portal and other for Partner Portal.

5) When are the Record types used?

Record Types are used in the following two cases

  • To assign the different Page layouts to different users based on their profiles
  • To enable different sets of Standard/Custom Picklist values for two different users using the same page layout

6) Difference between Salesforce.com and Force.com
The main difference between Salesforce.com and Force.com lies in the concept on which both are based.

Force.com is based on the concept of Platform as a Service or commonly known as PAAS where as Salesforce.com is based on the concept of Application as a Service.

So, we can say Salesforce.com is an application build by Salesforce on force.com platform and has been made available to people for use at per month per license pricing.

Force.com platform license is three times cheaper than the Salesforce.com license but takes three times of effort and time to build any functionality which is billed in Salesforce.com application.

Force.com is the platform because of which SFDC says sky is the limit for developing any application. There are numerous examples of the same on Appexchange where people have Build Contract Management, HR systems, Social CRM etc.

7) Types of Reports in Salesforce?

There are three kinds of reports in salesforce.com

1) Tabular Reports
2) Summary Reports
3) Matrix Reports

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