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Salesforce Interview Questions:1. How can we change standard Date format in to Salesforce and Local?
2. Difference into Action Support and Action Fuction?
3. Difference into Command Lind and Command Button?
4. Security in Salesforce?
5. Inline Visual force page?
6. How to remove redundancy in List?
7. If we are writing Global class how we can secure to external user?
8. Junction object.
9. How we can create custom field from page layout?
10. Lead conversion
11. Can we create contact without account?

Other Questions:

1. What is Field Set and why we are using this?
2. Permission set
3. Trigger context and class context
4. What are partner and Enterprise WSDL?
5. What is difference between ActionFuction and ActionSupport?
6. Report
7. Ajax Toolkit- Custom button ajax
8. Criteria based sharing
9. Record sharing and types
10. Profile and role
11. Customer Portal and Self service portal
12. Type of relationship in soql
13. What are the types for run Batch class?
14. Dynamic Apex like Apex Describe information
15. Remote Action in apex.
16. View state
17. Pagination in Visual force page
18. Can we use trigger.new in After Delete trigger?

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Future methods and limitation.

20. What is difference between Sales Team and Account Team?

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