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Salesforce Interview questions and answers for Reports and Dashboard?

1. What is Report?
To summarize the information of an object we use reports.

2. What are the types of Reports?
Tabular (Displays records just like a table)
Summary (we can summarize the information based on certain fields)
Matrix (we can summarize the information in two dimensional manner, both rows and columns)
Join (we can summarize information in different blocks on the same object and the related objects)

3. How many blocks we can create for join reports?
5 blocks.

4. How many maximum groupings we can do for summary, matrix and join reports?
3 groupings

5. What is bucketing in reports?
Bucket field in Reports in Salesforce is used to group values to the name we specify.
It can group only the below data types fields
1. Picklist
2. Number
3. Text

6. How many records we can display on page for a report?
We can display up to 2000 records on a page. If more records are there to display we cannot see those through user interface. If you export the records to a excel sheet then you can export all records.


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