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Salesforce Interview Questions for Cognizant

cognizant-salesforce-questions1) What is the advantage of using custom settings?
2) For which criteria in workflow “time dependent workflow action” cannot be created?
3) What are the different workflow actions available in workflows?
4) What is whoid and whatid in activities?
5) What is the difference between a Standard Controller and Custom Controller?
6) What are Governer limits in Apex and Salesforce?
7) How can we implement pagination in Visualforce?8) What is a external id in salesforce and give me example?
9) How can you call a controller method from java script ?
10) How can you refresh a particular section of a  visualforce page?
11) What is the difference between Custom Setting and Custom Labels and Custom Object?
12) What is the Difference between Managed Package and Unmanaged package?
13) How do we capture the user Data in VisualForce page?
14) What are the different Annotations in Salesforce and tell me with examples?
15) What is a difference between System log and debug log?
16) How to undeployed from deployed items?
17) Difference between import wizard vs dataloader?
18) Describe about the SOQL injection?
19) What is the difference between 15 and 18 Digit ID ?
20) What is dynamic pick list?
21) Difference between data-table vs page block table in visualforce page?
22) What is render, rerender, renderas ?
23) Difference b/w isblank and isnull?
24) Why do we Use  system assert in Test Class?
25) How can we prevent to cross the governor limit from soql query?
26) What is the difference between Sales Cloud and Service Cloud?
27) What is the stages of Opportunity?
28) What is a Batch Apex?
29) What are the different methods in test Class?
30) What are the different ways to make a field Mandatory?
31) What are the different ways to Share a record?
32) What is the difference between Salesforce license and Force.com License?
33) What are the difference between Render as and Re-render?
34) Why do we use Set, List and Map? give an example for it?
35) Can we create a new User without Role and Profile?

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