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Salesforce MVP 2020 Success Journey about Amanda Beard-Neilson

Amanda Beard-Neilson, has been awarded as Salesforce MVP Title in March 2020 for her exceptional contribution to Trailblazer Community. Her leadership skills, ability to share knowledge and being a speaker for many community conferences has inspired the Trailblazer Community members.

Here is Amanda Beard-Neilson Salesforce MVP success journey in her own words about self – motivation, future goals, insights and advice for future Salesforce MVP aspirants and trailblazers.

Amanda-Beard-Neilson Salesforce MVP-2020

Brief Introduction about yourself and your journey with Salesforce?
Having first discovered Salesforce in 2007 I became an Analyst and Admin on the system before falling into my sweet spot as a Project Manager for several years at end users and specialist consultancies. I have progressed my career to manage global teams while running all the business systems for companies and multiple Salesforce Orgs. I now advise customers to implement their global, digital transformation projects.

When did you first hear about Salesforce?
I first discovered Salesforce in 2007 when I selected a CRM solution for the business I was working for. Salesforce was intuitive so I thought, if I could understand it then other end users could too. That started my journey with Salesforce, and changed my career from Business Development into IT.

What Motivated you to become an Salesforce MVP?
Salesforce MVPs are selected due to their commitment and work within the community. I have been an active member of the community for the past 5 years, starting as a member of the London Admins group, to then becoming a co-leader. I have spoken at many Community conferences; London’s Calling, Inspire East, French Touch Dreamin’, and Yeur Dreamin’ where I delivered the Keynote alongside the Ladies Be Architects. I have also spoken and volunteered at World Tours; London and Amsterdam and been a speaker at multiple Dreamforces. I am also a co-organiser of London’s Calling Community Conference. Generally people are rewarded Salesforce MVP for their impact in the Community. For me, I was recognised and rewarded for doing things that I love.

Did you have any Mentors if so what was their role during your journey towards MVP?
The European Community is where I have spent most of my time and I have been fortunate to meet some amazing people who at their heart want to share their experiences. I have followed in their footsteps to give back.

What would be your best definition of Salesforce MVP?
Someone who has experience of the Salesforce platform, who is happy to share their knowledge and bring others with them on their journey.

How does it feel being an MVP compared to a Trailblazer?
As many people said to me when I was awarded Salesforce MVP, “it was about time I was recognised”. I am honoured and grateful to be recognised for the work I have put into the Community. For me, its business as usual. I will keep doing all the things I do.

What are your future goals and how have you planned to accomplish it?
You are asking me this while the world is in lockdown with Covid-19. My immediate goals are to stay safe and to get through this crisis. Post lockdown I’d like to properly reconnect with the Community, many of whom are friends. Human connection is important. I’d then like to continue with my career; to provide advisory to clients to help them with their business strategy, using Salesforce as a tool for success.

Your Insights and advice for future MVP aspirants and beginners apart from Trailhead and Salesforce certifications
I feel it is an odd statement to aspire to be a Salesforce MVP. It is a reward of recognition for your personal contribution. Trailhead and certifications are also not instant routes to becoming a Salesforce MVP. Its about your contribution to the Community, how you give back, how you help others with their journey to success. Do this because you have something to share and have the capacity to do this over a period of time. Be consistent and reliable, be knowledgeable, be humble and share success.

To Contact Amanda Beard-Neilson:-
Trailblazer: https://trailblazer.me/id/abeard-neilson
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Amandabn1
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amandabn1/

Thank you Amanda Beard-Neilson for sharing your Salesforce MVP Success Journey. You are truly a great inspiration to many of us and women all over the world.

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