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Salesforce MVP 2020 Success Journey about Aviral Agrawal – World’s Youngest Salesforce MVP

Aviral Agrawal, has been awarded as Salesforce MVP Title in March 2020 for his exceptional contribution to Trailblazer Community. His leadership skills, ability to share knowledge and being a leader for student community has inspired the Trailblazer Community members and many students in India.

Here is Aviral Agrawal Salesforce MVP success journey in his own words about self – motivation, future goals, insights and advice for future Salesforce MVP aspirants, college students and trailblazers.

World’s Youngest Salesforce MVP – 2020

Aviral Agrawal - Salesforce MVP 2020

Brief Introduction about yourself and your journey with Salesforce?
I am an admin-O-loper, loves to code and configure things and solve some tricky errors by superpowers of #AwesomeAdmin. I love to blaze trails on the trailhead and invested my many hours in doing Trailhead and learning in tons! I am Student Group Leader of MIET and yes World’s Youngest Salesforce MVP!

When did you first hear about Salesforce?
I was sitting in a seminar conducted by salesforce at my college, in my 3rd year of B.Tech and got enlightened about Salesforce and how Trailhead can help me to step into this ecosystem.

What Motivated you to become an Salesforce MVP?
It was never in mind to hold this title because I just graduated from college and this never happened earlier in the Salesforce ecosystem.
But there is one quote that motivated me, “Trailhead is a journey, not a milestone! Believe in quality not quantity.”

Did you have any Mentors if so what was their role during your journey towards MVP?
I’ll say I am very lucky to have some amazing people in my life from the community, who guided me, personally and professionally. Till now, whenever I feel that I need guidance I have all of them with me to guide.

What would be your best definition of Salesforce MVP?
A person, who might not be an expert in the domain but loves to share, connect, solve problems, and who knows how to build a door if the opportunity doesn’t knock.

How does it feel being an MVP compared to a Trailblazer?
It’s the same, I just got a bigger platform to share knowledge and to connect with the community. Actually it adds more responsibility to maintain the dignity of the title and also to keep blazing those trails!

What are your future goals and how have you planned to accomplish it?
To learn more, and to achieve almighty CTA certification. There are some more to add to the list:
1) To attend My First Dreamforce.
2) To give a session in Dreamforce and other global events.
3) To learn more from the trailhead!

Your Insights and advice for future MVP aspirants and beginners apart from Trailhead and Salesforce certifications
I’ll say, keep blazing those trails!
Try to share your knowledge with fellow trailblazers. Bring innovation to the ecosystem by contributing in different ways. It’s all about connecting people, and to nurture the upcoming generation of Ecosystem!

Anything I missed to ask you?
So, I want to talk about my Student Group, something that I created and which is helping many students to get connected and to get mentorship from seniors to initiate their journey in the ecosystem. We started the group from 5 and today we are a family of 300+ Trailblazers who have done thousands of badges and hosted 15+ community events in a short span of 2 years!
I am always thankful to salesforce for having such an innovative campaign of enabling students to have managerial and professional skills.

To Contact Aviral Agrawal:-
Trailblazer: https://trailblazer.me/id/aviral9
Twitter: https://twitter.com/aviralagarwal2
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lariva/

Thank you Aviral Agrawal for sharing your Salesforce MVP Success Journey. You are truly a great inspiration to many of us and college students!

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