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Salesforce MVP 2020 Success Journey about Eric Smith

Eric Smith, has been awarded as Salesforce MVP Title in March 2020 for his exceptional contribution to Trailblazer Community. His leadership skills, contribution with Trailblazer community, ability to share knowledge has inspired the Trailblazer Community members.

Here is Eric Smith Salesforce MVP success journey in his own words about self – motivation, future goals, insights and advice for future Salesforce MVP aspirants and trailblazers.

Eric Smith - Salesforce MVP - 2020

Brief Introduction about yourself and your journey with Salesforce?
I have spent over 40 years in the business of technology. I had my own IT sales and training firms for over 20 years, I spent another 10 years in sales and for the past 8 years I’ve worked for a telecommunications company that specializes in broadband and voice services.

When did you first hear about Salesforce?
I first used Salesforce at a prior employer when it was a brand new CRM. When I started at my current company they we using SF as a glorified rolodex. I asked for the “keys” to the system so I could improve my own team’s workflow and communications and it wasn’t long before we upgraded from Professional to Enterprise Edition and brought on Service Cloud.

What Motivated you to become an Salesforce MVP?
I’m a life-long learner and I enjoy sharing what I discover with others. If I find a solution to a problem I’m working on, I don’t just want to implement it and move on. I like to look for ways to make my solutions generic and usable by others for as many use cases as possible.

Did you have any Mentors if so what was their role during your journey towards MVP?
One can learn and benefit from interactions with friends, peers, employees, supervisors and vendors. I appreciate all that others are willing to share.

What would be your best definition of Salesforce MVP?
From what I have seen and experienced throughout the time I have been working with the Salesforce platform is that there are many, many people actively trying to assist and teach others. In my view, they are all MVPs.

How does it feel being an MVP compared to a Trailblazer?
It’s nice to receive a bit of recognition but I feel best when someone is able to use something I’ve shared and have it make a positive difference for them.

What are your future goals and how have you planned to accomplish it?
Even though I may retire in a few years, I plan to keep on learning and giving back to the Salesforce community.

Your Insights and advice for future MVP aspirants and beginners apart from Trailhead and Salesforce certifications
Always be curious, creative and generous.

To Contact Eric Smith:-
Trailblazer: https://trailblazer.me/id/ericsmith
Twitter: https://twitter.com/esmith35
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericrsmith2

Thank you Eric Smith for sharing your Salesforce MVP Success Journey. You are truly a great inspiration to many of us.

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