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1. If length of rectangle of increases by 20% and breadth decreases by20%. Then the area
a) decreases by 4% b)—- c) same d) none

2. If it costs x dollars for making certain item if quantity is 1000 and if quantity increase then the item is made using y dollars. If z number of items are made which are greater than 1000 then what is the total cost.
Ans 1000(x-y) +yz

3) A girl is at 11th position from both th ends of a straight row. Then total no. girls in a row are

Ans) 21

4) series is given such as 2,7,6,-,12,-,20,49,—- ?

Ans) 71(sure) break into 2 series

5) If the distance between two trains is 110KMs and two trains travel opposite in direction . If one starts at 7AM and other at 8AM and their velocities are 20 and 25 KMPH then they meet at.

Ans 10AM

6) In a row of 5 girls conditions such as Radha and Asha never sit together and other conditions

Ans Radha

7)Problem on average ages given age of captain 25 and wicket keeper’s Age 3 years more than captain’s age. now the average of the remaining team is one less than the avg of whole team. what is the avg age of each.

Ans) 22

8. Asoka is as much young as Vimal and as much old as Arun. Given sum of Vimal and Arun ages to be 40. then Ashoka age is —

Ans) 20.

9) F is brother of A , C is daughter of A, G is brother of C, who is uncle of G and some conditions

Ans) F

10) If m people take d days to complete, then m+r people take how many days
Ans) m*d/m+r

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