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Standard objects in Salesforce
Salesforce has a set of standard objects. A very highlevel overview of these objects is included below.

Account – Individuals or companies involved in business relationship. These could be customers, partners or competitors.
Contact – Individuals within an account
Opportunity – Potential revenue generating activity or event
Case – Description of the problem that a customer may have raised
Solution – Description of an issue and its resolution. Solution knowledge base refers to collection of all solutions in an organization.
Forecast – Estimated quarterly revenue of an organization
Document – These are stored in folders. Folders determine access to the documents.
Report – Analysis of data stored in standard or custom objects
Dashboart – Groups of charts or graphical data generated from reports
Activity – These include tasks and calendar events
Product – Items that are sold to the customer
Campaign – Marketing projects
Lead – Companies that may be interested in the product.

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