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Trusted IP Ranges in Salesforce:

  • Trusted IP Range feature provides a second level of authentication when logging in to Salesforce.
  • The list is pre-populated with the addresses from which a user has historically logged in:

– All IP addresses known to be associated with Salesforce are included ( –
– All IP addresses known to have been used by phishers are filtered out.

  • This feature is automatically enabled if IP Range Restrictions are not being provided:

– Option 1: Add Trusted IP Ranges for your entire org.
– Option 2: Add Trusted IP Ranges on a Profile by Profile basis.

When accessing Salesforce via client tools (which use the Web Services API):
Log in to Salesforce with your credentials.
In the Salesforce UI, click Your Name | Setup | Manage Users | Users | Admin User.

  • Look at the Login History related list and note the IP address. Click Your Name | Setup | Administration Setup | Security Controls | Network Access | New
  • Add this IP address to the Trusted IP Range.

Now you can log in through the Data Loader or other API tools.

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