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Winter ’13 Force.com Platform Release

Release notes for Winter 13 Salesforce

Winter ’13 Release page for the Force.com platform. Below is the latest information on what’s new and cool for developers in the Winter ’13 release.

Developer Console Updates

The Developer Console gains a Tests tool, Query Editor, Perspectives, and Command Line Window.

Canvas Framework (Pilot)

Canvas Framework enables you to easily integrate a third-party application in Salesforce.

Visualforce Charting GA

Visualforce charting is now generally available. In addition, charting features a number of enhancements.


App Distribution

  • PUSH Major Upgrade

    Starting in Winter ‘13, ISVs can push a new major version of your package directly to any subscriber.



User Interface

App Logic


  • Connect in Apex (Pilot)

    Many Chatter API resources have been exposed and are directly accessible using Connect in Apex.


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