File compression, backing up and restoring:

ar Create modify and extract from archives.

bunzip2 Newer file decompression program.

bzcat Decompress files to stdout.

bzip2 Newer file compression program.

bzip2recover Recovers data from damaged bzip2 files.

compress Compress data.

cpio Can store files on tapes. to/from archives.

dump Reads the filesystem directly.

gunzip unzip <file> – unzip a gz file.

gzexe Compress executable files in place.

gzip gzip <file> – zip a file to a gz file.

mt Control magnetic tape drive operation.

Can store files on tapes.
Usage: tar cvf <destination> <files/directories> – Archive copy groups of files
Ex: tar /dev/fdo temp Effect: Copy temp to drive A:

uncompress Expand data.

unzip unzip <file> – unzip a zip file. Files ending in “.gz” or “.zip” are compressed.

zcat Used to restore compressed files.

zcmp Compare compressed files.

zdiff Compare compressed files.

zforce Force a .gz extension on all gzip files.

zgrep Search possibly compressed files for a regular expression.

zmore File filter for crt viewing of compressed text.

znew Recompress .z files to .gz files.

zip zip <file> – make a zip file.


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