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Basic Linux Interview Questions:

What is kernel?
What is the difference between / and /root?
Where init levels are defined?
Which process id is 1 on linux?
Give me brief explain about linux booting processes?
What is sticky bit?
What is a zombie?
What is ‘inode’?
What are the filesystem we use on linux and windows?
What is the difference between linux and windows?
What is softlink and hardlink?
Is it possible to count number char, line in a file; if so, How?
How do u compile source package in linux, If so, How? and what are the steps?
Difference between insmod and modprobe?
What is the difference between cat and more command?
Describe about awk and sed?
What is the use of /etc/fstab file? Explain each and every fields in detail.
Explain NFS SERVER/CLINET operation?
Which port NFS run on?
How to make ssh run on 500 port? Where do you modify the port?
How to create ext3/ext4 file system?
How do u convert ext2 filesystem to ext3?

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