Home Communication 15 steps to improve the Body Language

“body language – noun – the conscious and unconscious movements and postures by which attitudes and feelings are communicated [for example]: his intent was clearly expressed in his body language.”

below is the 15 steps to improve the Body Language:

1) Don’t cross your arms or legs
2) Have eye contact, but don’t stare
3) Nod once in a while to signal
4) Hand shake in win-win situation
5) Dont touch your face it might make u nervous and be distracting for the listener
6) Use your hands more confidently – use them to communicate what you are trying to say.
7) Dont stand too close – Everybody gets weirded out by a close-talker
8) Keep a positive open and relaxed attituede. How you feel will come through in your body language and can make a major difference.
9) Watch their head position
10) Look into their eyes.
11) Relax your shoulders
12) Smile and laugh
13) Keep your head up
14) Slow down a bit
15) Use your hands more confidently

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