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25 simple tips for a great living

1. Drink lots of water, Eat proper food.
2. Sleep for 6-8 hours a day
3. Exercise your body daily atleast for 30 minutes
4. Follow your passion/s and work.
5. Hurt no one
6. Love everyone
7. Laugh out loud , or atleast smile.
8. Play often.
9. Develop interesting hobbies
10. Take time out to meet old friends
11. Develop your self.
12. Read inspiring books/biographies
13. Remember to connect to the Creator
14. Meditate
15. Travel and admire Nature.
16. Make friends , forgive enemies
17. If in a problem , say out loud : “So , whats the big deal. This too shall pass”
18. See humourous films to have a hearty laugh.
19. Accept the life given to you.
20. Accept the life given to others.
21. Be grateful
22. Surrender to God
23. Sing songs or play music
24. Be truthful to self and others.
25. Do seva / help others.


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