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What is Balance Transfer?

How-to-transfer-balance-from-airtel-to-airtel.jpgI know that all you people are much familiar with Balance Transfer but let me explain you about that it is a process in which you can transfer your mobile balance to another mobile number. We can do Airtel money transfer from one mobile to another Airtel mobile user only and we can not transfer our Airtel mobile balance to other mobile networks like Aircel, Docomo, Uninor and Vodafone. Note that the transfer of balance can be done only if both the mobile numbers i.e. sender and receiver should be on the same mobile network.

Transfer Balance from Airtel to Airtel Mobile Number

Follow these Simple steps to use this facility:

1. Dial *141# from your Airtel number and press the calling button.
Now your mobile will show “Please Exit now and you will receive the Main menu” message.
Press exit and wait for few seconds.
Now your mobile will get a menu like this
1) Share Talk time
2) Buy happy hours Pack
3) Take Loan/Ask for Talk time
4) Gift Pack
5) Call me Back Sms
6) Account
7) Help

2. Select the  “Answer” button and enter “1”  to “Share talk time”, and press the “Send” button.

3. Next, you will need to enter the amount you want to transfer: (You can share a minimum of amount of Rs. 5 and a maximum amount of Rs. 40 with your friends provided you have a minimum balance of Rest. 10 post deduction (inclusive of service fee) You can share talk time up to 5 times a day and 30 times in a month.

4. The next screen will display details on how much you’ll be charged for including the service tax. You will have to enter your friend’s mobile number, to which you wanted to transfer the balance to.

5. Press the”send” button after entering the number.

6. You will receive a message with the transaction details including, the amount of money transferred to the number you entered, and the amount+ service tax you were charged for.

7. Your friend will receive a message which tells them, the amount you’ve gifted.

For more information you can also visit www.airtel.in

Conditions to Transfer Balance from Airtel to Airtel Mobile Number

  • For using Balance transfer service customer must have been an Airtel customer for at least 3 months
  • Only Main account balance can be transferred.
  • Balance transfer is available only for Airtel prepaid customers.
  • Transfer amount must be in the range of Rs. 5,10,20,30.
  • You can make up to 5 balance transfers per day.

Does Balance Transfer has service charges?

Yes, its cost some small amount of money to transfer your balance and it is charged as service charges.

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