Here is top 10 examples of (RDMS) Relational database management systems.

  1. Oracle
  2. MySQL
  3. Microsoft SQL server
  4. PostgreSQL
  5. DB2
  6. Microsoft access
  7. Sq Lite
  8. Sybase
  9. Tera data
  10. Fire bird

What is RDMS (Relational database management systems)?

R- DBMS is a part of database management systems, which hold relational model. Concept of R- DBMS is created by E.F.CODD. Now a days many popular relational database management system examples are available.
RDMS-StructureIf the relation between two fields is defined as many to many then system is called as network management system. Database system in which system is defined in the form of object then its called as object oriented database management system.

Object oriented system store more complex data than Relational database management system, without using relation.

Five major relational database management system examples provider vendors are Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SAP, SYBASE and Tera data. Three main open source relational database management system examples are like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SqLite.


If relation between object is defined in the form of table then its called Relational Database management systems.

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