Salesforce administrator 201 Question and Answer – Part III

Q.21) What are different Types of Sharing Rules? (Check all that apply)
A. Case Sharing Rules (TRUE)
B. Lead Sharing Rules (TRUE)
C. Solution Sharing Rules
D. Campaign Sharing Rules (TRUE)
E. Custom Object Sharing Rules (TRUE)
Case Sharing rules is based on who owns the case. Set default sharing access for individual cases and associated accounts. Solutions are shared from cases.
Lead sharing rules are based on who owns the lead. Set default sharing access to individual leads
Campaign Sharing rules based on who owns the campaign. Set default sharing access for individual campaigns.
Custom Object sharing rules based on who owns custom objects. Set default sharing access to individual custom object records.

Q.22) Adding a user to the sales team group will give access to opportunity records that was previously a restricted account.
A. True
B. False (Correct Answer)
In order for a sales team member to be granted access to an opportunity record, they must also have at least Read Only access to the account record associated to the opportunity.

Q.23) Users with access to opportunities as sales team members cannot extend sharing for those records
A. True (Correct Answer)
B. False

Q.24) Which statement is/are False for Folders (Check all that apply)
A. Access is defined either as Read or Read/Write
B. Access to folders does roll-up through role hierarchy (TRUE)
C. The document tab contains a control version capability (TRUE)
D. Access to folders does not roll-up through role hierarchy

Q.25) The size limit for documents uploaded is:
A. 1 Megabyte
B. 3 Megabyte
C. 5 Megabyte (Correct Answer)
D. 25 Megabyte

Q.26) Author and the owner have same access to the document
A. True
B. False (Correct Answer)
C. Neither True nor False
Choosing the author for a document does NOT affect access to the document. Author does NOT act like the owner of a record

Q.27) What statement is/are true for Account teams (Check all that apply)
A. Account teams share roles with the sales teams on opportunities. If you remove an account team role, that role will no longer be listed as an opportunity sales team role (TRUE)
B. Disabling account teams removes all account teams from all accounts but does not removes the page layout
C. Account Team related list from all page layouts Depending on your sharing model, you can specify the level of access each account team member will have to the account and any opportunities associated with that account. So, you can give some team members read-only access and others read/write access (TRUE)
D. Account teams are not available in professional edition (TRUE)
Disabling account teams removes all account teams from all accounts and removes the Account Team related list from all page layouts.

Q.27) Workflow Rules Consist of the following components
A. Workflow Task (TRUE)
B. Workflow Outbound Message (TRUE)
C. Workflow Field Updates (TRUE)
D. Workflow Actions
E. Workflow Email Alerts (TRUE)

Q.28) Workflow cannot be triggered upon import.
A. True
B. False (Correct Answer)
When importing data, user creates new records and hence it is able to trigger the workflow.

Q.29) What statements is False for a workflow task
A. To assign tasks to multiple users, create multiple tasks as outcomes of the rule
B. A single task can be assigned to multiple users (Correct Answer)
C. The due dates for workflow task is based on number of calendar days, The rule fails to recognize only working business days by default
D. Historical tracking is allowed for workflow task

Q.30) The maximum number of time trigger actions are
A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 40 (Correct Answer)

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