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Salesforce administrator 201 Question and Answer – Part IV

Q.31) Can a delegated approver revoke a previously approved process?
A. Yes (Correct Answer)
B. No, once the request is approved only administrator can revoke the approval process

Q.32) Multiple Approvers have received your request for approving a discount that was invoked by the approval process? Approver A rejects your request. Approver B accepts your request after Approver A rejects it. Is your request approved or denied. (Assume you need only one person to approve out of all the approvers)
A. Approved
B. Denied (Correct Answer)
C. Approval process is revoked
D. Approval changes to pending stage due to conflict within approvers
Records can be approved or rejected based on the first response to the approval request.

Q.33) Which of the statements is/are true for data validation
A. Data Validation can enforce data integrity as well as make a field required in the page layout (TRUE)
B. Data Validation can prevent duplication of records (TRUE)
C. Data Validation run on the client machine after the user clicks the Save button
D. Data Validation rules are not enforced when using API & import operations
E. Validation rules can be activated / deactivated by the user
Data Validation runs on server after the user clicks the save button
Data validation rules are executed for API & Import operations
Validation rules can be activated / deactivated by the admin

Q.34) Recycle bin houses deleted data for how many days
A. 30 (Correct Answer)
B. 60
C. 90
D. 120

Q.35) File attachments, document tabs, and sales force content count towards Data Storage
B. False (Correct Answer)

Q.36) What is conditional highlighting for reports
A. You can set conditions that when met will report the calculated fields
B. Set thresholds for report analysis (Correct Answer)
C. Lets you make calculations on custom fields
D. None of the above

Q.37) You can use conditional highlighting for summary and matrix report only
A. True (Correct Answer)
B. False

Q.38) The running user doesn’t override the sharing role while allowing users to see high-level sales data for everyone, not just their own
A. True
B. False (Correct Answer)

Q.39) Choose the correct Dashboard components
A. Charts (Correct Answer)
B. Graphs
C. Tables (Correct Answer)
D. Metrics (Correct Answer)
E. Gauge (Correct Answer)

Q.40) Who can view campaigns?
A. Administrator
B. Administrator and Marketing Users only
C. Marketing User only
D. All users (Correct Answer)


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