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Salesforce administrator 201 Question and Answer – Part V

Q.41) Which statements are true for the integrated campaign builder.
A. Cannot filter views by more than one campaign at a time (Correct Answer)
B. The maximum number of Leads/Contacts that can be added from a report at one time is 50,000 (Correct Answer)
C. The maximum number of Leads/Contacts that can be added from the wizard at one time is 250 (Correct Answer)
D. Can add converted leads to a campaign
E. Integrated Campaign Builder views are not exposed through the Force.com API (Correct Answer)

Q.42) Is it true that campaigns and opportunities have many to many relationship?
A. True (Correct Answer)

Q.43) How many lead assignment rules can be active at one time?
A. One (Correct Answer)
B. Two
C. Eleven
D. Twenty-three

Q.44) Which of the statements are true for Cases

A. Manually entering the case received from an email (Correct Answer)
B. Automatically generated by an email or website form (Correct Answer)
C. Can be assigned only automatically by rule assignment however it can be reassigned manually at later time
D. Associated to Contacts and Accounts (Correct Answer)

Q.45) A virtual storage that can be used to group on criteria such as skill requirements, product categories, customer types or service levels is called a
A. Case Queue (Correct Answer)
B. Case Assignment Rule
C. Solutions Queue
D. None of the above

Q.46) The number of business hours that can be set for the organization to operate:
A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. Unlimited (Correct Answer)

Q.47) As a system administrator you can create page layout in the console and assign it to profiles.
A. True (Correct Answer)
B. False

Q.48) When you delete a product, the opportunity associated with that product will be suspended until further action is taken.
A. True
B. False (Correct Answer)

Q.49) According to Sales Force, console is not for occasional users of SalesForce. The console is best set up for users who view SalesForce for 3 or more hours a day.
A. True (Correct Answer)

Q.50) What is a roll-up summary field?
A. A roll-up summary fields lets you rollback the data that was changed last week.
B. The roll-up summary field is a custom field that aggregates child record information in to parent record (Correct Answer)
C. The roll up summary field is only accessible via API.
D. The roll up summary field gives you a summary of the data type and object relationship

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