1. Difference between Data Load v/s Data Export.
  2. Difference between Master Detail v/s Lookup.
  3. What is the Trigger Oder execution?
  4. What is Force.com?
  5. What are New Release Summer’11 Features?
  6. What is OWD and what is different type of sharing?
  7. What is Apex Governor Limits and how it work and all new rules?
  8. What are Record Type and Page Layout?
  9. What is Trigger Best Practice and how can write SOQL?
  10. Difference between with Sharing v/s without sharing
  11. What is Queue Group?
  12. Difference between External Id and Data Type of Id.
  13. Difference between Standard v/s Custom Controller v/s Extension.
  14. What is Multitenant and Application Server for Salesforce?
  15. What is Trigger context Variable and mode?
  16. Difference between trigger.new v/s trigger.old.
  17. How to use AJAX in Salesforce?
  18. What’s the used of Web service?
  19. What is Field set?
  20. What is SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)/
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  22. What is Rest API and which are used in Salesforce?
  23. What is Callout=true and where it is used?
  24. What are the apex: insert apex: composition tag?
  25. What us Enum?
  26. What are recursive triggers? How can we avoid the recursion problem?
  27. What are the types of relationship?
  28. Visualforce Action tags like apex:function,support etc?
  29. What is Visualforce template and how can we do? Or insert/composition tag etc
  30. Difference between assignment and escalation rules?
  31. Difference between task and event.
  32. Difference between WhatId and WhoId.
  33. What is change set and difference between Eclipse/Ant tools?
  34. What is the use if Custom Setting?
  35. What Scheduler class and how can use?
  36. Visual force page order execution load/action etc?
  37. Visualforce email template class and test method of this class?
  38. How is Role Different from the Profile?
  39. What are the different ways of making a field mandatory?
  40. What is the difference between Customer Portal and Partner Portal?
  41. What is difference between Workflow and Approval process?
  42. What is used of Roll of summary field and where can we use?
  43. What is actionPoller tag?
  44. What is the difference between a Profile and Role?
  45. What are wrapper classes in salesforce.com?
  46. What is batch apex and Salesforce limitation for this batch?
  47. How can we write Webservice for Salesforce?
  48. Difference between HTTP and HTTPS request and response?
  49. What are global variables and how can use in VF page?
  50. What is jQuery and how can use in VF page?
  51. What will happen if the Account is deleted?
  52. What is transient and where we can use in salesforce?
  53. Difference between final/instance of/super/this keywords?
  54. What is annotation (@) and type of annotation like Deprecated/Future/is Test/ Remote Action etc and difference?
  55. Difference between List/Set and Map and uses?
  56. Difference between SOQL and SOSL and uses?
  57. Difference between Enterprise and Partner WSDL?
  58. What is site in salesforce and where can we use?
  59. How can call Apex controller class from visualforce page without command button?
  60. What is ifram tag and how can we use?
  61. What apex:insert tag and how can we used?
  62. What is Action class and where we can use?
  63. Difference between Custom List Buttons using Standard List Controllers?
  64. How can use time based workflow and how can use outbound messages?
  65. Difference between Debug Log/System Log etc.
  66. What is Queue and how can we use in salesforce?

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