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Mindtree Salesforce Interview Questions

  1. What are the actions that can be performed in Workflow rules ?
  2. Given a business requirement, wherein you have to execute all the available actions in a single workflow rule, what would be the sequence of actions ?
  3. There is a simple SOQL query ‘Select Id, Name from Opportunity’ which fetches millions of records without any selection criterion. How do we optimize the performance of this simple query without using any selection criterion ?
  4. How can two components who are not related to each other, interact with each other in lightning ?
  5. Is it possible to invoke an addError() operation on the Trigger.Old list in a delete operation in Trigger ?
  6. Suppose there are 2 Account records with 3 contacts associated against each Account record. What would be the end result, if I merge these two Account  records ?List 3 Governor limits in Apex.
  7. What should be done to override the governor limit that restricts you from fetching more than 50,000 records in a SOQL query ?
  8. There is a master-detail relationship between two objects and I want to ensure that the master object should not have more than 10 child records. How can we achieve this without using a trigger ?
  9. What are skinny tables ? What are they used for ?
  10. What is the use of @testsetup annotation in a test class ?
  11. How can a test class access the private members of another class ?
  12. How can we refresh/reset the governor limits within a test class ?
  13. Can we call a batch apex program in apex trigger ?
  14. I want to ensure that once a child record has been added to a master-detail relationship, it cannot be deleted. How can we achieve this using the declarative capability of the platform ?
  15. What are lightning events ? Where do you use them ?
  16. In a particular object, I have given only read access to a certain field named as ‘Site__c’ to all users in the organization. However, if I have marked ‘Site__c’  as a required field in the page layout for that object. So, what will happen when a user saves the record in that object through that page layout ?
  17.  What are the different types of attributes that can be added to a lightning component ?
  18. What is the difference between application level events and component level events in lightning ?
  19. What is the difference between pageblocktable and datatable in VF pages ?
  20. What is the use of the ‘transient’ keyword ?
  21. How can we set-up recurring time-based workflow actions in the platform ?
  22. Explain the different scenarios wherein you need to use different types of collections i.e List, Set and Map.
  23. What would happen if I perform a DML update operation on the before update trigger of the same sObject record ?
  24. What is the use of the <aura:method> tag in Lightning ?
  25. How do you create RESTful web services using apex ?
  26. How do you implement Aggregate functions in apex ?
  27. What is the difference between custom objects, custom settings and custom meta data ?
  28. What is the use of communities in Salesforce ?
  29. List the important methods in List, Set and Map
  30. What are future methods and where are they used ?
  31. What is the difference between the normal “insert” operation and “Database.insert” operation ? Which is preferred over the other and why ?
  32. How do you implement the locking functionality of records in apex ?
  33. What is the difference between SOQL and SOSL query ?
  34. How do you implement SOAP web services in apex ?
  35. What are the different context variables available in apex triggers ?
  36. What are dynamic SOQL queries and how do you prevent SOQL injection in dynamic SOQL queries ?
  37. What is apex managed sharing ?
  38. What is the difference between approval process and workflow rules ?
  39. When do we need to use Javascript remoting and how is it implemented ?
  40. How can you setup governor limit email warnings in apex ?
  41. What are the different types of reports in Salesforce ?
  42. What is analytic snapshot ?
  43. What is the use of the Database class in apex ?
  44. What is Lightning connect ?
  45. What are the most important points to be considered while bulkifying a trigger ?
  46. How can we schedule apex programs ?
  47. What is the use of apex email services ?
  48. What is the return type of SOSL queries ?
  49. What is the use of the invocable method annotation ?

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