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My Best Salesforce Success Tip

I always recommend to add a description (short note about the purpose of creating a component) on the “Description” field which appears while creating any new components like (custom object, fields, report, dashboard, workflow, process builder, vf page, aura/lwc component, apex class, apex trigger, etc).

  • This would be a great help for any Salesforce Admin/Developer/BA/Architect to identify the purpose of the components.
  • It would save a lot of time in finding an identity of the component to enhance/troubleshoot easily.

Note: Description likely your user story, jira no, release no, ticket no, case no with minimal short note the purpose of the components or purpose of the components

Reference Screenshot from Salesforce:

Add Description in Salesforce Custom Object/Salesforce Custom Fields

Add Description in Salesforce Process Builder

Add Description in Salesforce Flow






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