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1.What is the difference between the shore and off-shore outsourcing?
When any project or work allotted outside the country which is not nearby is called off-shore outsourcing and anything outsourced nearby country is called shore outsourcing.bpo

2.What is inbound and outbound call centers?
An inbound call centers will only receive calls while outbound call centers will place calls. In general inbound call centers function as companies service department, while outbound handles the service department.

3.What is ISO:9000 in outsourcing?
In an outsourcing, ISO:9000 is a standard of mapping quality for the company. Most of the BPO companies have accepted ISO:9000 as the benchmark for the quality of service they offer.

4.What is a call centre?
Call center is a customer care center where calls are handled in large numbers. There are two types of call centers, Inbound and Outbound. An inbound call center is where calls are handled keeping the customer care in concern, and customer associate will only receive calls. While in outbound call center the calls are done by the associate for product inquires or sometimes sales related.

5.Why companies Outsource?

1.It is cost saving
2.To focus on core activities
3.To get quality work done by the expertise in that domain




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