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Creating the .htaccess file

Don’t need any special Program or Hardware or Software to create an htaccess file. In fact, all you need is a regular, simple text editor such as Notepad.
Now the tricky part is saving the file. The htaccess file is a no-name filename with an eight letter extension.

When you save files in a text editor, it will usually add a default extension to files, so you might end up with…

Here is how you fix this problem :
Save As…
In the FILE TYPE box, choose ALL FILES
In the FILE NAME box, type in “.htaccess”
And be sure you used quotes around the filename when you typed it in.

If that doesn’t work, your FTP program should let you do a RENAME on a file to make it right.

Important Notes: Before beginning using .htaccess, I should give you one warning. Although using .htaccess on your server is extremely unlikely to cause you any problems (if something is wrong it simply won’t work), you should be wary if you are using the Microsoft FrontPage Extensions. The FrontPage extensions use the .htaccess file so you should not really edit it to add your own information. If you do want to (this is not recommended, but possible) you should download the .htaccess file from your server first (if it exists) and then add your code to the beginning.

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