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Describe the basics of the Workflow Approval Process


  1. User submits record for approval. There is no method for automatic approval submission.
  2. Does this record match the criteria for any approval processes on this object?
    If yes –> Step 3
    If no –> Reject
  3. Perform initial submission actions
    This will always include locking the record so that no further changes can be made until the approval process is finished.
    This can also include other workflow actions.
  4. Record enters approval steps.
    Appropriate parties must approve/deny record.
  5. One of 3 approval process completions occurs. In addition to locking or unlocking the record, each of these completions can has its own set of additional workflow actions. Approval. Record is approved by all parties. The record is locked by default. Rejection. Record is rejected by any part. The record is unlocked by default. Recall. Record is recalled by submitter. The record is always unlocked.

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