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software toolsThe classification of different types of test tools according to the test process activities. The ‘(D)’ written after the types of tool indicates that these tools are mostly used by the developers. The various types of test tools according to the test process activities are

1. Tool support for management of testing and tests:

  • Test management tools
  • Requirements management tools
  • Incident management tools
  • Configuration management tools

2. Tool support for static testing:

  • Review process support tools
  • Static analysis tools (D)
  • Modelling tools (D)

3. Tool support for test specification:

  • Test design tools
  • Test data preparation tools

4. Tool support for test execution and logging:

  • Test execution tools
  • Test harness/ Unit test framework tools (D)
  • Test comparators
  • Coverage measurement tools (D)
  • Security tools

5. Tools support for performance and monitoring:

  • Dynamic analysis tools (D)
  • Performance testing, Load testing and stress-testing tools
  • Monitoring tools

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