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Every Webmaster has to Blog with the custom Domain.The Custom Domain Available with Less cost In a Lots of Domain Sites.The custom domain for free of cost there is also a way in that.By using Tk domains You can achieve this.Tk Domains are Absolutely free of cost for a Period of time.It is not for lifetime.But When you use the custom domain you can understand the importance of the Custom Domains.
  • Custom Tk domains Are not free of cost for life time.
  • Tk Domains free For 1 year after that it may cost upto 10$ Only.
  • You can either Custom your Url fully or you can use the Forward to your Blog.
  • Tk Domains are also popular in the Websites.
  • Here i will explain with Blogger.It is same For others also.
  • Go to tk Domain website
  • Enter your desire name.Click Go.
  • After that you will redirect to another page.
    In that page you can see the three options like
  1. Forward this Domain to
  2. Use DNS
  3. Build a new website with
Forward This Domain to
  • If you Choose this Option you just Forwarding the .tk Domain to your already created website url.
  • Example if you use xyz.blogspot.com,you choose xyz.tk.
  • If you choose the Forward Domain it will only Forward this Domain to your Blogspot domain.
  • xyz.tk–>xyz.blogspot.com.
  • If you go to xyz.blogspot.com.It remain the same address.
  • But if you go to xyz.tk it will redirect you to xyz.blogspot.com.
  • Here you will get two Domains for same website.
  • If you Select DNS you have to set some Addresses there.
  • After selection In another tab Open your Blogger.
  • Go to Settings>Third party domains there you will get some Datas like host and destination.
  • Host is your tk and Destination is your blogger.Set the details in that.
  • Select your Period of time in that.Select 12 Months.
  • Give Correct Captcha.
  • Sign up your account.
Build a new website
  • If you choose this option with domain you can create a Host.
  • You can set a Cpanel like options in the Host.
Shorten Url
  • Now a days lots of Websites using Shorten Url you can also create your desired Shorten url like goo.gl,youtu.be.
  • If you want to .com domains you can refer custom domain for blogger

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