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Meera R Nair – Salesforce Trailblazer Talk Series

by Sakthivel Madesh

Meera R Nair – Salesforce Trailblazer Talk Series – January 2022

Meera Nair is a Salesforce MVP and Solution Architect with UST, having 15+ years of experience. With 18 Salesforce certifications including the Salesforce Application and System Architect ones, Meera has been involved in numerous Salesforce implementations for large enterprise orgs over the years.

She is an active Community speaker and has presented at events like Virtual Dreamin, Consultancy Dreamin, PakDreamin & CactusForce and is also a regular speaker on the Salesforce YouTube channel ApexHours. She also leads the Trivandrum (India) Salesforce Developer Trailblazer Community Group and is a Co-Organizer of SAIMA (Salesforce Architects In the Making).

Blog – https://meera-r-nair.blogspot.com/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/meera-r-nairind/


Here is Meera R Nair Salesforce success journey in her own words about Salesforce Journey, Salesforce Career, Transition from Java to Salesforce CRM, future goals, insights and advice for future Salesforce MVP aspirants and trailblazers, Speaker Experiences such as Virtual Dreamin, Apex Hours YouTube Channel, Cactusforce 2021 & 2022, Consultancydreamin, SEADREAMIN, PAKDREAMIN, Trailblazer Community Groups, SAIMA Architects Group, and also with CTA Journey, Bloggers, Salesforce MVP, 1st Episode DevTalkies from Salesforce Developer Relations Team, Women Speaker Series initiator to encourage & welcome first time Women Speakers to the Trailblazer community.

Some few reference Links:-

Salesforce Solution Design – Performance considerations by Meera Nair from virtualdreamin.com – http://virtualdreamin.com/salesforce-solution-design-performance-considerations/

Flows Exception Logging Using Fault Connectors & Platform Events from Salesforce Apex Hours

Apex Exception Handling with Platform Event from Salesforce Apex Hours

Salesforce Integration using Webhooks from Salesforce Apex Hours

Integration using Salesforce Connect from Salesforce Apex Hours

Salesforce Service Cloud Training Series from Salesforce Apex Hours (Meera & Including other trailblazer)

cactusforce community speaker for 2021 & 2022


Session 1 – Transaction Finalizers for Asynchronous Apex Jobs – How to develop reusable Logic for Exception Logging and Business Process Sequencing – https://www.cactusforce.com/2022-sessions/2022/1/20/xxpsyc8q8bljnfeq7ji0t0h14ckb9o-3zf4b-hetw7-55gst-8smrc-yel26-5c5px-htreb-yj5kn-nm96a-mpd9z-4exxa-3a8mj-4zhnw-6k2jt

Session 2 – Salesforce Customization -What damage can security negligence bring to your System – https://www.cactusforce.com/2022-sessions/2022/1/20/xxpsyc8q8bljnfeq7ji0t0h14ckb9o-3zf4b-hetw7-55gst-8smrc-yel26-5c5px-htreb-yj5kn-nm96a-mpd9z-4exxa


seadreamin community speaker for 2021

Flow Orchestrator – The Future of Salesforce Automation – https://www.seadreamin.com/program-details/

Salesforce Developer Group, Trivandrum, India

Trailblazer Community Group – https://trailblazercommunitygroups.com/salesforce-developer-group-trivandrum-india/

YouTube Channel for Salesforce Trivandrum Community Groups – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOd7CGsBLj5pvomIemgyh0g

Co-Organizer of SAIMA (Salesforce Architects In the Making)


Kiran interviews Meera, a Salesforce Architect and Trailblazer – #DevTalkies Episode 1


Thank you Meera R Nair for sharing your Salesforce Journey. You are truly a great inspiration to many of us and women all over the world.

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