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Salesforce Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern contains below three modules:

  • Model
  • View
  • Controller

1. Visual Force pages, Page Layouts, Tabs comes under View Layer of Model View controller .

2. Workflows, Apex Classes, Triggers comes under Controller part in Model View controller .

3. Objects, Fields, Relationships comes under Model Layer of Model View Controller .







Declarative development in MVC Salesforce.

Declarative development in Salesforce is done by point-and-click with out using single line of code using browser. In this method, Salesforce follows MVC Architecture when developing application.

Model View Controller
Objects Applications Workflow Rules
Fields Tabs Validation Rules
Relationships Page Layouts Assignment Rule
Records Types

Programmatic development in MVC Salesforce.

In this model of development in Salesforce, Salesforce coding is required. The Salesforce MVC architecture are as follows.

Model View Controller
Web Services API Visualforce Pages Apex Controllers
Metadata API Visualforce Components Apex Trigger
External Object Site Web Service API


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