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Salesforce Winter ’16 Release – important updates and new features

below is the important updates and new features in Salesforce Winter ’16 Release

winter16 releaseLegacy Data Import Tools

  • No longer accessible from Setup or the Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaign Detail, and My Settings pages.
  • Legacy Import “My Accounts and Contacts” is being retired
  • Why? The Data Import Wizard is more capable.

Lightning Experience

  • Consists of three things about the Lightning Experience:
    • Lightning Experience Desktop App: 25 new features, modern UI, faster
    • Lightning App Builder: Drag & drop to make customizations quick and easy
    • Lightning Design System: Style guide, design patterns, and component library.

Sales Wave Analytics

  • Sales analytics are better and easier to configure.
  • Create tasks, update a record, and share insights


  • Ability to route incoming work items (Cases, chats, calls, leads, etc..) to specific users.
  • Helps to eliminate queue cherry picking or the wrong people working your service calls/cases.
  • Also helps load balance the incoming work

Journey Builder Enhancements

  • New Sales & Service Events added
  • Will listen for when specified records are created or updated to trigger customers into a specific journey, which is enhanced by personalized communications.

Community Cloud

  • Communities is now known as Community Cloud.
  • Lighting components now available in Community Builder

Lightning Experience for Custom Objects

  • Create and customize custom objects in a new streamlined setup
  • Create pages by dragging and dropping components
  • Related: The new Object Manager can be used to manage both standard and custom objects in one place.

Administration Improvements

  • Rollup Summary Field limit increased from 10 to 25
  • Multi-Select picklists can now have 500 values! (Don’t tell your users)
  • “Restricted Picklists” This feature can prevent users from making up their own picklist values when loading data.


  • Previewing files is fast and looks great.
  • New: “Broadcast Groups” – type of group where only owners and managers can create new posts
  • Ability to mute posts
  • Write Chatter posts in rich text

Sales Cloud

  • Connect for Outlook is now retired
  • Duplicate rules now run as users complete fields on a record, not just when they hit “Save.”
  • Enabled Lookup Relationship field for activities, but there is still a list of limitations.

Service Cloud

  • New: “Salesforce Console for Service” – should reduce time and clicks on service calls


  • Enhanced search engine matching rules should make it easier when using punctuation in the search.

Process Builder

  • Bulkified!   The previous limit of 100 SOQL queries has been raised to 20,000
  • Schedule multiple actions!

Visual Workflow

  • Bulkified! The previous limit of 100 SOQL queries has been raised to 20,000


  • Faster Org-Wide Default Sharing Recalculations
  • New: “Object-Specific Share Locks” – make multiple sharing rule changes without waiting for recalculation across all objects to complete.


  • Ability to Auto-Activate a refreshed sandbox

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