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Top Ten Best Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows operating system1. Microsoft Windows operating system:  It was first introduced to work with giant size PCs but with passage of time developers gave new directions to it and today countless versions are available to use not even on PCs but also on laptops, phones and now on tablets. Due to its popularity and ease of use it is ranked number 1 on our list of top 10 computer os of all times without a doubt.


OpenBSD2. OpenBSD:  This is the most secure general purpose operating system to use in the market till date. In last two decade only two vulnerabilities are recorded with this operating system which shows how efficient and power this is against viruses and hackers etc. Keep the security issues in mind users have ranked this OS number 2 position in our list of top computer operating systems.


3. Apple Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4:Apple Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 In the time when Microsoft is leading the OS market, it is tough for other to survive but still Apple is trying to give competition to this competitor. They have come with a new and extended version of their OS to set new milestones. Although previous version was not so secure and some security vulnerabilities were detected but the newer version promises to over all the issues. Mac has always considered one of the safest and stable operating system, therefore it resides number 3rd in our count down of top operating systems ever.

4. Ubuntu 12.04Ubuntu 12.04: Ubuntu was introduced by Linux in 2004 for the first time but its functions/features attract many users towards it. This is available as open source software, primarily designed for desktop but now the net book and server editions are also available for it. Ubuntu gets high scores for being user friendly. Its latest version gives strong updates to the user interface, improved performance and Supported for five years for Free. It resides on very respectable place of 4th on our list.

Macintosh OS X5. Macintosh OS X: This OS is developed by Apple and is based on UNIX format. It was released in 2001 for the very first time as close secure software and still is available like that. But today some components are available as open source. The reason of its popularity is its GUI which eases users. It manages to occupy 5th spot in our list of best operating systems.


Linux6. Linux: This superior OS works best with desktop computer systems. It gives users an opportunity to customize its features according to their preferences. In race of security it comes on second position right after OpenBSD. This extremely secure OS has an impressive vulnerability patching policy as well. Linux have acquired 6th spot of our list of most secure operating systems.



Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion7. Apple OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: This OS is counted among best available computer OS available in the market till date. It was introduced to give hard time to windows 8 and some other operating systems. While adding security and sharing features that makes it a more powerful system for getting work done, Mountain Lion also makes some convincing advances on Windows’ throne as the leading platform for playing games. Hence residing very reasonable spot of 7th on our list of best 10 os.

8. Windows 7 Home Premium: If anyone is searching for well built operating system then this is the right thing to choose. This OS never disappoints anyone whether one is using it for the first time or is following Windows series from years. It is developed to excite each one of you with its new and attractive features. Windows 8 has recently joined OS market and it is impressive to snatch number 8th spot right in the beginning in our list of top 10 most stable computer operating systems.


Vista9. Vista : Vista is Microsoft’s latest major release; it is intended to replace all XP operating systems. It is designed to do everything and includes complex, dynamic visuals. Therefore, it requires a lot of RAM to run to its fullest ability. It has not be a big success but few users still sticking to it. It manages to stay on 9th spot in our list of OS.



Fedora10. Fedora: fedora is developed by Red Hat. Its versions Fedora core 9 and 10 has made the computers and programming easy for everyone. This is also an open source OS. It has everything to make the user a friend of it. Therefore it is in the last spot of our list if top most successful computer operating systems.

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