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Tiki Taka Soccer

A few football games for Android that have tried to recreate that Sensible Soccer style, but this is the best attempt yet. Tika Taka Soccer is far more than just a throwback however, as the gameplay is wonderfully adapted to the touchscreen.

Play flowing one-touch football, score long-range screamers and even manage a team in this unique and brilliantly playable mobile homage to the beautiful game.

Tika Taka Soccer is a surprisingly deep and satisfying football game.

Nubs’ Adventure

Great-looking pixellated games are all the rage these days, and Nubs’ Adventure is the latest to jump on the bandwagon. In this 2D platformer, you control Nubs, who is on a quest to rebuild his house after it was destroyed by the Reds. There are four worlds to go through, and levels weave and intertwine in that satisfying ‘Metroidvania’ way. There are some great boss set-pieces, and the puzzles will have you racking your brains while never leaving you frustrated.

androidpit nubs adventure

                                           Nubs’ Adventure is a charming and challenging 2D platformer

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions

The second Square Enix game to look out for this month is Final Fantasy Tactics, which is a faithful recreation of the 2007 PSP version .Tactics switches up the Final Fantasy formula by giving you a rotating squad of characters to use, letting you use terrain to your advantage, and carrying out battles on a square-based battlefield. It’s been neatly ported to Android, and is well tailored to touch-screen controls.

androidpit final fantasy tactics

                                                           Hitman: Sniper is dark, violent, and extremely fun


No Android games list would be complete without a few Gameloft entries, and Siegefall is the latest strategy game from the prolific Android developer. Build up a fantasy army and take on millions of other players as you seek to make your kingdom supreme. You also need to build up your defences using traps, barricades and towers, because other players want to take you out as much as you do them. Siegefall may be yet another build-and-destroy game, but it’s a very good one.

androidpit siegefall
                           Siegefall is yet another simple and addictive Android strategy game

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