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Using Your Apple Keyboard with Microsoft Windows

The top keyboard is a Mac keyboard and the bottom is a typical Windows keyboard. The blue highlighted keys have unique functions specific to the operating system for which they are designed. Some of the keys on the Mac keyboard are temporarily reassigned to a different function when you start in Windows on your Mac. Specific details are given in the tables later in this article.

Example Mac keyboard 

Example Windows keyboard

How Mac keyboards are mapped for the Numeric keypad?

Apple external keyboards with built-in numeric keypads as well as original MacBook Pro keyboards provide the same functionality as Microsoft-compatible numeric Keypad

Function Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad Apple Pro keyboard
(with Num Lock off)
Original MacBook Pro keyboard
Page Up Page Up 9 fn + ▴
Page Down Page Down 3 fn + ▾
Insert fn + Enter 0
Decimal Point . . . 1
Delete fn + . fn + .1
Up arrow 8 + ▴ 8 ▴1
Down arrow 2 + ▾ 2 ▾1
Left arrow 4 + ◂ 4 ◂ 1
Right arrow 6 + ▸ 6 ▸ 1
Home Home 7 fn + ◂
End End 1

How Microsoft Windows Function keys are mapped to OS X Extended Function Keys?

Key(from left to right on top of keyboard) Key Name  Apple keyboard with numeric keypad  Apple USB & Wireless keyboard MacBook Pro keyboard Apple Pro keyboard
 Reduce display brightness F14
 Increase display brightness F15
 Mission Control
 Keyboard brightness on/off toggle
 Reduce keyboard brightness
 Increase keyboard brightness
 Previous track
 Next track
 Mute toggle
 Volume down
 Volume up
 Media eject
 Media eject (2nd optical drive) Option + ⏏ Option + ⏏ Option + ⏏ Option + ⏏


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