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Salesforce MVP 2020 Success Journey about Om Prakash

Om Prakash, has been awarded as Salesforce MVP Title in March 2020 for his exceptional contribution to Trailblazer Community. His leadership skills, contribution with answers in Trailblazer Community, ability to share knowledge and being a speaker for many community conferences has inspired the Trailblazer Community members.

Here is Om Prakash Salesforce MVP success journey in his own words about self – motivation, future goals, insights and advice for future Salesforce MVP aspirants and trailblazers.

Om Prakash - Salesforce MVP 2020

Brief Introduction about yourself and your journey with Salesforce?
I’m Om Prakash, a Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Lightning Champion, 4X Salesforce certified professional, experienced developer & architect love to build, connect and manage the solutions on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. I’m an active member of the Trailblazer Community and I’m also the Leader of “Motihari, India Developers Group” and “MuleSoft Meetup Group Patna“. Currently working as a Product Head at 360 Degree Cloud- A Salesforce Silver Consulting & Crest ISV partner company.
More: https://trailblazer.me/id/omprakash

When did you first hear about Salesforce?

What Motivated you to become an Salesforce MVP?
As you all know Salesforce MVP is not a competition which we should aim, it is not an exam which we can prepare for, this recognization is the best gift forever in my professional life to get this amazing title and badge.
I feel motivated by every individual who believes their role is not only limited to them but their role is BAM (Be a Multiplier), to helps others succeed and also have a responsibility for our next generation.
The giving back efforts give me self satisfaction, it gives me feel like yes I’m doing something good.

Did you have any Mentors if so what was their role during your journey towards MVP?
I have many mentors in my life who have been helping me in my life and I’m grateful for all of them.
Life is a mix of emotions and I feel valued in our Trailblazer Community from the start. It’s my extended family, and I’m grateful to everyone for everything. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me directly or indirectly or helping me silently.

What would be your best definition of Salesforce MVP?
The best definition of Salesforce MVP is given by Salesforce:
“Salesforce MVPs are lifelong learners who go above and beyond to share their expertise and help the entire community blaze trails.”
We can relate each and every word of this definition with the Salesforce MVP recognization.
“Being a Salesforce MVP for me means more responsibility, more learning opportunity, more Ohana love, and of course more motivation to live the dream.”

How does it feel being an MVP compared to a Trailblazer?
The best thing about the Trailblazers is that they learn, succeed, help others learn and they help others succeed.
We are fortunate to see many Trailblazers in our Ecosystem.
In the book Trailblazer, Mr. Marc Benioff has written:
“Being a Trailblazer isn’t just about caring for today’s stakeholders- it’s about creating a better world for future generations of stakeholders as well”.
“Being a true Trailblazer requires we take a longer view”.

Fortunate that I’m also a life long learner and blazing my Trail with Salesforce & Trailhead.
For me being a Salesforce MVP is more than a dream, it feels that I have been given a huge responsibility to keep the glory of this recognization and keep Trailblazing.
I have expressed my joy, feeling, and gratitude here in this blog a few days ago:

What are your future goals and how have you planned to accomplish it?
To be a certified Salesforce System Architect, Salesforce certified Heroku Architect & certified MuleSoft professional.
For our Community & Ohana: Gonna multiply my efforts whatever I am doing from a few years it would be multiplied by all possible ways.
For my family: Multiply the happiness of family and be one of the best role models in my family with my natural strength and spirituality. God’s blessing should always with me.

For the accomplishment of this goal no specific plan or routine change.
I am blessed with a happy and healthy life so my usual routine with Trailhead learning & MuleSoft training will help me achieve these goal.

Your Insights and advice for future MVP aspirants and beginners apart from Trailhead and Salesforce certifications
Dream for being an MVP is a great goal but please do your best for Trailblazing & Giving Back.
This recognition is not a competition so please except nothing and do whatever possible with your balanced lifestyle.
If you are expecting something in return for your giving back then it’s a business, you can’t claim it as Giving Back initiative.
If you are doing for giving back then, of course, no need to think about what you will get.
I also suggest please don’t think if someone is looking for your efforts or not, keep doing amazing things as selfless.
Start engaging with Trailblazer Community success.salesforce.com and share your expertise, Be a multiplier, connect with your nearby Trailblazer Community groups to learn more, share more, start giving volunteering time, think what can you bring something new and amazing ideas which help everyone succeed.
If you need to go beyond your comfort zone then please go ahead, it will give you self satisfaction.
Keep learning with Trailhead, and Let’s blaze the trails together.

Anything I missed to ask you?
Let’s stay safe and Take care..
Yes I would like to say a message here for people who is not familiar with Ohana culture please explore this module https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/modules/manage_the_sfdc_way_ohana

To Contact Om Prakash:-
Trailblazer: https://trailblazer.me/id/omprakash
Twitter: https://twitter.com/omprakash_it
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/omprakash-it/

Thank you Om Prakash for sharing your Salesforce MVP Success Journey. You are truly a great inspiration to many of us.

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