cgi11. What is the Dll required for running the VB?
Vbrun300.dllCan We create CGI scripts in VB
12. How to change the Mouse Pointer?
Screen. Mouse Pointer = VBHourGlass/VBNormal.

13. How to check the condition in Msgbox?
If (Msgbox(“Do you want to delete this Record”,VbYesNo)=VbYes)Then End if

14. What is difference between datagrid and flexgrid?
Datagrid ? Editable.
Flexigrid ? Non-Editable. (Generally used for Read only purpose.)

15. What is ADO? What are its objects ?
ActiveX Data Object. ADO can access data from both flat files as well as the databases. I.e., It is encapsulation of DAO, RDO, and OLE that is why we call it as OLE-DB Technology. Objects are Connection, Record Set, Command, Parameter, field, Error, Property.

16. What is Dataware Control?
Any control bound to Data Control.
Ex:- Textbox, Check Box, Picture Box, Image Control, Label, List box, Combo Box, DB Combo, What are two validate with Data Control?
Data_Validate, Data_Error.
Record set types and Number available in VB?
3. 1- Dynaset, 0 ? Table, 2 ? Snap Shot.
Referential Integrity (Take care By jet database Engine).
Cascade Delete, Cascade Update ? is done setting property of Attributes.
Db Relation Delete Cascade,
Db Relation Update Cascade.

17. What are the locks available in Visual Basic?
Locking is the process by which a DBMS restricts access to a row in a multi-user environment
4 types of locks. They are
1.Batch Optimistic

18. What is the diff between RDO and ADO?
RDO is Hierarchy model where as ADO is Object model. ADO can access data from both flat files as well as the data bases. I.e., It is
encapsulation of DAO, RDO , OLE that is why we call it as OLE-DB Technology.

19. How can we call Stored procedure of Back End in RDO and ADO ?
In RDO ? We can call using RDO Query Objects.
In ADO ? We can call using Command Objects.

20. What is the different between Microsoft ODBC Driver and Oracle OBDC Driver?
Microsoft ODBC driver will support all the methods and properties of Visual Basic. Where as the Oracle not.

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