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Comparison chart for Import Wizard, Data Loader, Jitterbit and Dataloader.io


Import Wizard

Data Loader



Description The import wizard is accessed through the Salesforce setup menu. It processed an intuitive wizard step-by-setup UI to load records against most Standard and all Custom Objects. You can match User lookup fields (User) based on name, and insert, update and upsert on records. The Apex Data Loader is a Salesforce supported application, installed on a Windows machine (OS X alternative available), which can mass create, update, delete and export records. It has a wizard UI for intuitive use. Jitterbit is an application developed by an external company to Salesforce.

It’s an application to install on a client machine, with Windows and OSX versions available.

Through a reasonably nice interface, it lets you set up jobs, and set up schedules and extracts to FTPs. Great for using on jobs likely to be used again.

Dataloader.io is a full cloud based tool for doing data loading actions for Salesforce. It provides a great UI, easy to follow, and allows for scheduling and transfer to FTP.

The best value of this tool is that it generally provides most of the features of Jitterbit, but requires no install to a machine.

The free version however has some limitations that Jitterbit provides for free.

Vendor Salesforce Salesforce Jitterbit MuleSoft
Pricing Free Free Standard – Free
Pro – Contact Jitterbit
Standard – Free
Pro – $299/month
Functions Insert, Update, Upsert Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, Export Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, Export Insert, Update, Upsert, Delete, Export
Scheduling No Yes – develop .bat files and set up Windows Scheduler Yes Yes
FTP/SFTP Transfer No No Yes Standard – FTP
Platform Cloud Client computer install
Windows Only
(OS X alternative available)
Client computer install
Windows and OS X
Pros – Runs in the cloud, no software to install
– Intuitive and easy to use, minimal training
– Easy to use
– Constantly updated by Salesforce
– Scheduling and FTP/SFTP support, all handled via GUI
– Set up jobs, that can be used later on
– Save multiple Salesforce orgs, for easy switching between production and sandboxes
– Cloud based, no software to install
– Dropbox and Box support
Cons – No extract functionality
– No scheduling
– Requires install on client machine
– Scheduling is rather cumbersome to set up
– Requires install on client machine
– Requires some technical knowledge of Salesforce data and CSV formatted
– Formulas for transforming data are somewhat limited in the free version
– Free version is reasonably limited:
only 1 Salesforce connection, no SFTP, 1 scheduled job only
Additional Information Data Import Wizard Documentation  Apex Data Loader Jitterbit Homepage Dataloader.io Homepage

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