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Generate Salesforce Web-To-Lead with Record Type Selection
Salesforce Web-To-Lead functionality offers an easy way to get the leads from your company websites or public websites (without any integrations) into Salesforce system. Web-To-Lead functionality in Salesforce generates a HTML Form which can be integrated in your company websites, using the HTML form  we can captures the user entered data into Salesforce Lead records.
This Post & Video to Generate Salesforce Web-To-Lead with Record Type Selection and Set specific Record Type

This video explained to add the record type selection from the web to lead form and set specific record type value in web to lead, saved as html file then entered data has been created as records in Salesforce Lead object.


Important Points:-

  1. from select drop down field in the drop down field name/id should be recordType
    <select  id=”recordType” name=”recordType”>
    <option value=””>–None–</option>
    <option value=”0122v000001SnN3“>Business A</option>
    <option value=”0122v000001SnN8″>Business B</option>
    <option value=”0122v000001SnSK”>Business C</option>
    0122v000001SnN3 – here 15 digit ID for Record Type
  2. hidden field for recordType is mandatory and change/modify as per the salesforce instance record type id (15 digit id)
    <input type=hidden name=”recordType” value=”0122v000001SnN8″>
  3. From Setup -> Lead Settings -> Enable Record Type Setting as Keep the existing record type under Lead Conversion Settings section

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